DamageControl: Developers, you're doing a heck of a job

Posted by kev Sun, 16 Oct 2005 23:03:17 GMT

Aslak Hellesoy - ThoughtWorks

About Me

  • I work for ThoughtWorks
  • I have a former Java life
    • “I also have a former life in the Java Community.”
    • PicoContainer
    • XDoclet
  • Ruby OSS
    • RSCM
    • MetaProject
    • RSpec


  • Background
  • Continuous Integration
    • Show of hands for people who have used it: about 1/4 of audience
  • Architecture
  • Plans for the future

Continuous Integration

You can think of continuous integration as another member of your team.

  • Will detect when there’s updated source code in your repository.
  • Will check out the changes, rebuild.
  • Will report to team whether or not the build was successful (including results of tests).


  • OK

    • Subversion
    • CVS
    • ClearCase
  • KO

    • Perforce
    • Monotone
    • StarTeam
    • Darcs

Issue Tracking

  • OK

    • RubyForge
    • JIRA
    • SourceForge
    • Trac
  • KO

    • Collaboa
    • Scarab
    • Bugzilla
    • FogBugz

Distribution (No Gem)

  • Ruby
    • exe
  • Rails
    • exe, zip/tgz, svn
  • SQLite binaries
    • exe,zip/tgz,svn
  • SQLite db
    • exe, zip/tgz
  • DamageControl
    • exe,zip/tgz,svn


  • Users connect to SCM.
  • SCM passes to Builder which connects to DB and slave.
  • DB connects to Webapp.

Database Schema

  • projeccts, revisions, revsionfiles, buildexecutions, builds, artifacts

Short Term Future

  • Move from Codehaus to TextDrive
  • Use Collaboa
  • Visual identity (website and UI)
  • Fix the worst bugs

Longer term future

  • More SCMs(RSCM)
  • Distributed builds
  • More SCMs


  • http://hieraki.lavalamp.ca/
  • http://jira.codehaus.org/browse/DC …


  • SQLite - Database Busy
  • Missing dll on windows

Q: Say you have CruiseControl running, whats the switching time?

A: Hopefully very little.

Q: Do you support multiple build configurations? Like building against different versions of ruby. Do you support multiple branches?

A: No, we don’t support multiple build configs. You can work around with multiple projects. We don’t support multiple branches in cvs but do in svn.

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