mkrf 0.1.0 Released

Posted by kev Wed, 28 Jun 2006 10:41:00 GMT

I’m pleased to announce that tonight marks the first release of mkrf, a library which generates Rakefiles to build C extensions to Ruby and is aimed at a replacement for mkmf. This is a Ruby Summer of Code project.

Though the gem doesn’t seem to have propogated yet, it should be availble through rubygems, and until then you can download the gem directly here.

The code does have RDoc included which I hope explains things well enough. Please do send questions and bug reports my way. I’ll have a project setup at where you can submit bug reports as soon as I tweak its source to properly scope accounts, but until then email is fine.

Please do try mkrf with your extensions. Please do send feedback.

As for syntax, it can be as simple as:'libtrivial_so.bundle')

or more complex:'libxml_so.bundle', '*.c') do |g|

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  1. Avatar topfunky said about 4 hours later:

    The code is so nice and clean. It makes me want to write a C extension just so I can use it.

  2. Avatar Curt HIbbs said 2 days later:

    This is fantastic… we really needed this!

  3. Avatar shevegen said 4 days later:

    looks indeed promising, hopefully it’ll take the old mkmf by storm

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