13 New SD Ruby Podcasts Up

Posted by kev Sat, 03 Nov 2007 15:04:00 GMT

They’re all up at once. Wow.

Mine felt good, but it’s long. Rather long. 50 minutes fairly non-stop, ~600 megs long. Find some time before watching.

Episode 036: The Return of Kevin Clark
Kevin Clark takes a break from Powerset to give a full-throttle talk
on using Merb as a JSON-RPC service, god, gem2rpm, and heckle.

Episode 035: ActiveRecord Backup & MimetypeFu
Matt Aimonetti demonstrates his newest plugins: ActiveRecord Backup
and MimetypeFu.

Episode 034: Intro to JRuby
Brian Chapados shows how to install and work with the latest JRuby

Episode 033: Life on Edge
If you’re a Rails junkie, you’ll want to develop on Edge Rails. Matt
Clark explains how to get started and shares some of the challenges
of working on Edge.

Episode 032: Capistrano
Rob Kaufman takes on Capistrano 2. What is it? How does it work?
What’s changed since version 1?

Episode 031: Seaside
Roger Whitney explores Seaside, the web application framework based
on Smalltalk.

Episode 030: Tuneshelf
Dominic Damian talks about his experiences building Tuneshelf, a web
application that allows music fans to keep track of their favorite
music albums.

Episode 029: Big Stinking Piles (of data)
What do you do when third-party data vendors don’t speak REST? Rob
Kaufman discuss real-world techniques for importing and exporting
data. (This talk was also given at RailsConf 2007.)

Episode 028: Simple Sidebar Plugin
Ryan Felton shows how to use Simple Sidebar plugin to DRY up sidebar
content in applications.

Episode 027: Headliner and Styler
Patrick Crowley talks about his newest plugins: Headliner and Styler.

Episode 026: ActsAsSolr
Rob Kaufman shows how easy it is to integrate Solr powered search
into your Rails application using the ActsAsSolr plugin.

Episode 025: Ajax CSS Star Rating with ActsAsRateable
Ryan Felton shows off how to build an Ajax-powered, CSS star rater
using the ActsAsRateable plugin and Komodo Media’s CSS Star Rating
Redux technique.

Episode 024: Using Ruby + Amazon SQS to build backdoors
Brian Chapados talks about using Ruby and Amazon’s Simple Que Service
web service to build backdoors into systems.

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  1. Avatar Peter Cooper said 3 days later:

    Is that json-rpc mixin / plugin publicly available? I must confess I haven’t checked the latest Merb itself or looked more than one page back through your blog, so I protest innocence if it’s obvious ;-) Thanks!

  2. Avatar Kevin Clark said 3 days later:

    You know, it isn’t, but I’ll push it out ASAP. I’m flying home from the east coast tomorrow, and I’ll test against latest merb when I’m back.

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