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Posted by kev Fri, 09 Nov 2007 02:08:00 GMT

I’ve apparently “hacked” someone’s unborn children. Or something.

And, among the lists of names, includes someone who goes by the name of Kevin Clark. And, if you were to take it even one step further, and INVESTIGATE this person, you would also come to the conclusion that he is a computer hacker who resides (or has resided) in San Francisco before. Another coincidence, I suppose?

Update: She says in one of her latest comments that she has a gun now. It’s amusing, but please do not poke/provoke her. Look, but do not touch.

Update 2: She’s still accusing me of multiple felonies, but seems to have leveled off. I don’t think she’s going to track me down at this point. Woo personal safety. Oh, and technorati is apparently involved now:

I believe Mr. Clark is somehow routing fake websites through technorati via powerset and is doing something illegal.

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  1. Avatar Pat Maddox said about 5 hours later:

  2. Avatar jake said about 13 hours later:


  3. Avatar Stephen Waits said about 14 hours later:

    Yah seriously wtf.. wow.

  4. Avatar Ian said about 16 hours later:

    I dedicated my second Twitter to this.

  5. Avatar Phil said about 18 hours later:

    What… the… hell… I can’t even follow the convoluted “logic” she’s got going there at times.

  6. Avatar Brad said about 20 hours later:

    Here you go:

  7. Avatar Kevin Clark said about 21 hours later:

    Brad: Awesome. Awesome awesome.

  8. Avatar Pat Maddox said 3 days later:

    You need to get a high res version of that image from Brad. I want a KCHMB t-shirt.

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