postgresql gem on Leopard stock gem system

Posted by kev Sun, 23 Dec 2007 01:24:00 GMT

This fails horribly.

The solution is to make sure you’re only building for your architecture:

Odysseus:ext kev$ sudo -s
bash-3.2# ARCHFLAGS='-arch i386' gem install postgres
Building native extensions.  This could take a while...
Successfully installed postgres-
Installing ri documentation for postgres-
Installing RDoc documentation for postgres-

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  1. Avatar D said about 6 hours later:

    Gah… tell me about it. Even the macport to postgres was a debacle:

    Postgres needs love on the adoption / usage front. Postgres FTW.

  2. Avatar Gabriel Correa said about 21 hours later:

    I inadvertently ran into this problem yesterday. This works perfectly. Thank you.

  3. Avatar Vaibhav said 8 days later:

    Hi Kevin,

    I have just started learning Ruby on Rails and plan to use it in Rolling out our web product in India.

    I was wondering if there could be a way in which we can ask a few questions from you, to be answered whenever you get some time :)

    Regards, —Vaibhav

  4. Avatar Ryan Davis said 8 days later:

    FYI, this does NOT work with sudo since sudo strips the env var out. You must ‘sudo -s’ or ‘sudo su’ and run the command straight up. I don’t like it, but I couldn’t find a better way.

  5. Avatar Paul said 12 days later:

    Dude, zed has gone ape shit. I think your are cool kev!

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